Perfect Match

A Contemporary Romance

About the Book

Millie Byers

Widowed at twenty-six. When I fell in love with Colin Byers at sixteen, I never expected that I’d lose him the day after we finally got married. The love of my life; my soulmate; stolen from me by a quirk of fate. After this my life spirals out of control, leaving me broke, alone, and losing the only thing I had left: my cupcake shop. Looks like it’s time for an early midlife crisis. This plan is derailed when I’m hit by a brilliant idea on the one-year anniversary of his death.

My husband was an organ donor.

Someone got his heart. If I can track this person down, I might finally find the closure I need. I mean it’s not really stalking if you only intend to say hi and then leave, right? But nothing about Ashton Knight is as I expected. The guy who got my Colin’s heart is a foul-mouthed smoker who drinks. A jerk with no compassion… and now I have a new mission. Fix him so he becomes the man who deserves the heart in his chest. Truth be told, though, as much as I love a good project, this one might just ruin me.

Ashton Knight

I’m living through the worst year of my life. After losing Jenna in a car crash and almost dying myself, I woke up with a new heart, and each beat is a constant reminder that I’m alive while she’s not. Just when I’m ready to sell my failing bar, forget my dad’s an alcoholic, and move away from this place, Millie Byers blows into my bar like a damn tornado. This uptight chick who meddles where she sure as heck is not wanted, riles me like no other. We fight like cats and dogs, but there’s no denying our chemistry. She rode into my life like a devil—or an angel, the jury is still out—and flipped it upside down. And despite my best intentions of showing her the door, somehow she ends up working for me. At this stage I’m not sure if I should fire or kiss her…maybe both. Either way, this woman is going to be the death of me.

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The Details

Published: October 1, 2021
Publisher: Leia Stone LLC
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-13: 979-8496899437ASIN: B08KSGF8BG
Genres & Tropes
Contemporary Romance, Enemies to Lovers