About the Book

Ever since Kai revealed the supernatural race to the humans, riots and chaos have rained down on Mount Hood.

Aurora is going crazy just sitting around and waiting for Layla to show up so that Aurora can finish her task and kill her, bringing peace to her pack.

Kai does everything in his power to keep Aurora safe and confined on the heavily guarded mountain. But he should know that no one can really keep Aurora from the things she wants in life.

She is determined to find Layla and end this war, forever. But at what cost?

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Audiobook Cover: Balance by Leia Stone


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Narrator: Dara Rosenberg
Format: Unabridged
Runtime: 7h

The Details

Published: December 3, 2016
Publisher: Leia Stone
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
ISBN-10: 1539989844ISBN-13: 978-1539989844ASIN: B017S1KJ2M
Genres & Tropes
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Young Adult, Teen Readers, YA, Werewolf, Shifters, Shapeshifters, Wolf Shifters