House of Ash and Shadow Chapter One

“Happy birthday!” Sorrel and I screamed in unison as we jumped out from beneath the little kitchen table we’d been…

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The Forbidden Wolf King Chapter One

“You don’t have to do this,” my elder brother Cyrus said as he paced the floor of the home I…

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The Broken Elf King Chapter One

(unedited and may change) Chapter One  The covered wagon jerked to a stop and my shoulder slammed into the person…

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The Last Dragon King (First Two Chapters)

Chapter One I hauled my kill over my shoulder and grunted under the weight of it. The cougarin had been…

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Alpha Girl Chapter One

Chapter One Sage and I burst through the forest as we ran blindly, away from the haunting howl of Sawyer’s…

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Wolf Girl first chapter *Unedited

This excerpt is from Wolfed, the first book in the Wolf Girl Series by author Leia Stone. Chapter One Mondays.…

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