Lies That Bleed Chapter One

Check out a sneak peek of Lies That Bleed! ...

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Prime Day Freebies!

Some friends and I are having prime day freebies! Check them out at the links below for a limited time.…

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So just a quick note to say that I am writing more romance this year (Like Wrecked) and I’ve started…

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Saving The Fae- Preorder Blocked

Bummed to have to write this post. Amazon is always having issues and has many bots that flag books for…

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Publishing Schedule 2019-2020

Projected books for 2019-2020 THIS MAY AND WILL CHANGE. I am putting it up here as a goal to hit,…

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Privacy Policy

Hey guys,  While my amazon web designers are setting up my page with the new GDPR compliant privacy policy footer…

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