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Get 12 Fantasy and paranormal romance novels from Leia Stone. Four completed series!

Over 1 Million copies sold.
10,000+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

This had me on the edge of my seat.
So many plot twists!
Steamy romance!

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Get 12 Fantasy and paranormal romance novels from Leia Stone. Four completed series!

Over 1 Million copies sold.
10,000+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

This had me on the edge of my seat.
So many plot twists!
Steamy romance!

Books included in bundle:
  • Wolf Girl
  • Lost Girl
  • Alpha Girl 
  • Mated Girl
  • The Dark Bite
  • The Dark Bond
  • The Dark Soul
  • Wolfed: Cursed By Love
  • Wolfed: Promised to Him
  • Seeking the Fae
  • Serving the Fae
  • Saving the Fae


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When my parents were banished from Wolf City before I was born, I thought there was no way I would ever live in a pack again. Cuffed, with my shifter magic bound, I was forced to go to school with witches and vampires in order to keep my true nature from coming out.

Then I met him. Sawyer Hudson.

The Alpha’s son was visiting the Delphi College for Magically Banished Youth and spotted me. He took one look at me, and an hour later, I was being pulled out of school, taken into Wolf City and leaving my parents and everything I knew behind.

It’s the Alpha’s son’s selection year, the year he must pick a mate, and every female aged 18-22 must be in attendance. I’ve landed myself in the middle of Werewolf Bachelor, and just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, Sawyer releases my cuffs, unbinds my magic, and sees what I really am.

The problem is, I don’t know what this creature is that I transform into. It’s not an ordinary werewolf, that’s for damn sure.


Vampires are the spawn of the devil. Evil to the core… or so I thought, until one of them saves my life.

As a member of the House of Rose, a division of the Vampire Hunter Society, I’ve got one of the highest kill records on file. I track my mark and don’t stop until the job is done.

That is, until my mark saves my life. Luka Drake isn’t like the vampires I’ve been hunting for the past five years, and despite the fact that he’s a vampire prince fresh out of Magic City Prison for committing God knows what crime, I can’t kill him.

My only other option is to walk away and pretend our paths never crossed. I’m about to pull it off but Luka pulls me back, and in the worst way possible, in a way that changes everything.


Following a trail of blood into the woods isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but when I find an injured wolf, I can’t bring myself to leave him behind.

That decision might end up being my last, because when a pack of wolves tries to attack us, it looks like we won’t make it out alive. The next day when I wake up in my bed, it all feels like a dream…except for the bite mark on my arm and the fever.

When a mysterious guy with searing blue eyes comes into my bar, hovering around me all night, I’m more than a little creeped out. He’s hot as sin, but also super possessive with legit stalker vibes. I’m convinced my instincts are right when I black out and then wake up in his arms, limp, feverish, and dying. 

But it turns out I’m not dying, just a newly turned werewolf. And the guy from the bar? Well, he thinks I’m his reincarnated soul mate, but if that’s true, I’m screwed, because according to him that only leaves me with one choice: to drop dead on my 20th birthday.


Now that her mother is dead, Lilly is the last of her kind.

A Seeker.

Tasked with seeking the lost crystals of Faerie, she must restore her broken and barren world to its former glory.

But the crystals that keep Faerie alive have been stolen by the Sons of Darkness and are hidden on Earth. It’s up her to get them back by any means necessary.

She has everything under control and plans to bring the first crystal back, when she meets him – Liam – a Son of Darkness.

He’s the most dangerous kind, with black wings that smoke and eyes that have seen death. She must kill him, kill him and take the crystal, but she can’t.

He’s her soulmate.

The Details Published: January 25, 2024 Publisher: Leia Stone Pages: Formats: Ebook, Audiobook, IBSN: IBSN-13:

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Wolf Girl: Chapter One


I hated Mondays. They were like your period, they just snuck up on you out of nowhere and ruined your week.

I settled into first period with a literal troll breathing down the back of my neck. Starting my senior year in college with the same rejects who tormented me in middle and high school was not my ideal academic environment, but the only option available to me at the moment. Spinning in my seat, I glared the troll down. His nostrils flared, making the small tusks in his cheeks point upward, giving me a gnarly view of his tiny brain through his giant nostrils.

“Packard,” I growled, “we’ve talked about personal space before. Please keep your acid breath to yourself.”

A few of the other students snickered, but when Packard took my bag and chucked it across the room, they quieted.

My bag hit the wall with a thud and slid to the ground, splaying its contents all over the floor.

Rage welled up inside of me as I closed my eyes, breathing deeply, trying to keep my wolf calm. Acid Breath knew what he was doing. If he could get me to awaken my wolf, even the tiniest bit, I’d be suspended. Even being cuffed at birth, my wolf still tried to break free every chance she got. It was something that was forbidden at Delphi High and was equally forbidden at Delphi University.

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Vampire Hunter Society: Chapter One

I took one look over my shoulder, making sure that I wasn’t followed, and slipped down the alley between 3rd Street and Grant. Tonight’s mark had been a challenge to hunt and I was going to be sore as hell tomorrow. My fingers clenched the heavy burlap sack as I stepped up to the nondescript brown, rusted door. I banged three times fast, then once slow, followed by two times fast. A thin eye slit opened, but it was too dark to tell who was on duty. Probably Finn.

“Password.” Finn’s gritty Irish voice came through the door in a muffled timbre.

Daemonium interfectorem,” I whispered.

The metal panel to the right of the door popped open and slid to the left, revealing the hidden keypad underneath. Pressing my finger to the pad, I waited for the soft click of the door mechanism opening. My fingernails still had blood in them from the kill, and my lower back throbbed from being slammed against the wall so hard.

The door clicked and I took one more look down the alley to make sure no one was there, before slipping inside.

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Wolfed: Chapter One

I finished wiping down the bar and then walked to the back office to clock out.

“See you tomorrow, Ronan.” I peeked my head into my boss’ office. It was three a.m. and fatigue was pulling at my limbs. Ronan was leaning over a stack of invoices, glasses perched on the edge of his nose as he stroked his red bushy beard.

“Night, lass. Be safe,” he called out in his thick Irish accent.

I tapped my purse and the Walther P22 that I carried. “Always am.”

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Seeking the Fae: Chapter One

I was pulled from a deep sleep by someone shaking my shoulders. My eyes snapped open. Trissa was hovering right over my face, her lips pulled into a frown, eyes wide with terror.

“Lily, you must get up,” she hissed and yanked me forward.

Bleary-eyed, I looked outside to see the moon was still high in the sky.

“What’s wrong?” My voice was thick with sleep. Trissa’s face was a mask of fear, nostrils flared.

Anxiety spiked through me as I started to become more coherent and realize my mother’s personal guard was waking me up in the middle of the night.

“Where’s my mom?” I demanded, throwing the blanket off of me as my heart jackknifed in my chest.

Trissa just grabbed my hand and yanked me towards the door. I stumbled, trying to run after her while still half asleep. Shaking me awake in the middle of the night … something was gravely wrong. It was only then that I noticed her pale blue t-shirt was soaked with crimson blood.

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