Saving The Fae- Preorder Blocked

Bummed to have to write this post. Amazon is always having issues and has many bots that flag books for different silly things. For some reason Saving The Fae: Daughter of Light Book Three got flagged for “having a cover or title similar to another book” (Umm like the first two in the series??? Cue maniacal laughter) and they BLOCKED it from being on preorder without giving me a reasonable explanation that made sense, or letting me talk to them. (After 35 books together and making them a lot of money, doesn’t feel great but I digress).

So… this post is to tell you that Amazon holds the keys to the fate of the final book. I am hopeful it will get sorted soon and the preorder will be live. If not, then I guess in a few months, when the book is ready, I will sell it from my website. I won’t leave you guys hanging. 

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Thanks for sticking with me. <3

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3 years ago

That’s crazy! I just went to pre-order it and that’s what lead me to your site! I just finished Serving The Fae and I’m dying for the next book!!!! It was SO freaking amazing! Fingers crossed we get #3 soon (no pressure!) But I’m seriously in love with this series! Thanks for bringing some happiness during rather dark times!

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